The hands are a part of the body that suffers much wear from daily work and also give them vulnerable to its changing environment, are perhaps the most delicate part of the body. That is why many people look more aged in this area and in his face for example.

In the next photo is clearly a mega Hollywood star wearing her hands like a person much older than her 40 years. To protect and defend against signs of aging on the hands (brown spots, thin skin, chapped skin, wrinkles and dryness) anxiety treatment regimen was created.

It consists of two creams created by Dermatologists Rodan + Fields, a laboratory applying the medical knowledge of the doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, a large number of products for beauty. The regime of anti-aging hand, is a treatment that includes two products to apply the necessary treatment in the hands. Moisturizing hand treatment cream: replenishes the skin to clear even tone and replace the moisture and elasticity.

Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30: To protect and defend against the telltale signs of aging skin this bar (similar to deodorant) acts as a shield to protect hands from further damage.

Benefits of using

Minimizes the appearance of the signs of aging and highlights on the skin.

The components exclusive technology offers sun protective stabilizers UV protection and to prevent future staining.

Lightening ingredients and extracts enhance the appearance of a skin tight.

Contains optical diffusers to immediately reduce the appearance of prominent veins

Restores elasticity and resilience

Reduces the appearance of new wrinkles

Hand Care

It is important to maintain the health and care of hand because, as mentioned, are a very sensitive part of the body. Here are some tip:

Use glycerin soaps in washing liquids and see that the water is warm.

Always try hydrating wash and dismissal of officers once a week and make exfoliate suav and with sugar and lemon. This will also prevent staining.

It is important to wear gloves and waterproof creams or sun protection factor to prevent deterioration.

Always use sunscreen to your hands. The age spots are caused by the sun rather than the passage of time.

If you already have sunscreen stains remains indispensable. You can also use a cream stain similar to the face.

The solution is also the rough hands of hydration, wear gloves for any task involving the hands are in prolonged contact with water or chemicals.